Say Yes // Let’s All Be Brave

Decision making is not one of my strong points.  Over the years I’ve learned to trust myself more, but in the past, if I came upon a fork in the road and it came down to going left or right, I’d have to stop and ask advice.

I could give a number of accounts of when my inability to easily make a decision has left me feeling somewhat stranded, but instead I want to focus on what Annie says in her letter today.

“You’ve heard before that saying yes to one thing is saying no to all the others.”

If we took a moment to map out the journey that God has lead us on over the course of our lives, we’d see how the yeses we’ve said have lead to so many places that previously we couldn’t have imagined were possible.

If I hadn’t had the nasty break up that I did with Michael, I wouldn’t have moved back home and under my parent’s roof.  I wouldn’t have had the freedom to become a Sunday School teacher (because he wasn’t a Christian and kept me from expressing my beliefs), and I wouldn’t have been required to attend a training on safety lead by the camp director of the church camp I attended so many years earlier.

If I wouldn’t have said yes to spending a summer at camp, leading youth on their own journeys towards Christ, I wouldn’t have had the guts to say yes to staying on full time as the Program Director for the following year.  And so on…

So many yeses that have lead me to today.  So many yeses still to be made.

Quote- Say Yes


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