Learn to Love Study Journal


Jesus commands us to love our neighbors, our friends, our family, our acquaintances, even our enemies as we love ourselves. That’s not with a placated smile or for the sake of being civil, but loving them in spite of their faults because you too are not perfect.

Seems impossible right?

In our 30+ page Learn to Love Study Journal you will find ways to connect with the One that makes it possible: scripture study, prayer & journal prompts.


Our Learn to Love Study Journal is a PDF digital download.  It includes:

  • An introduction to the study journal and guidance on how to use it.
  • 30+ pages to help you learn how to love your neighbor as yourself, through scripture study, prayer, and journal prompts.
  • An introduction to Verse Mapping and an example of how to use this tool to open up a new understanding of scripture.
  • Different approaches to prayer that will help you to open up a dialogue with you and your Creator.
  • Visit our blog to learn more about what it takes to love your neighbor as yourself.


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