The Importance of the Holy Huddle

Sundays after church, we’d all hop in the fifteen passenger van to go stuff our faces with the finest grub at the Chinese buffet in town before heading back to camp for our holy huddle. At least that’s what I called it.

Sun sick and tired from the week before, we’d find our spot on the camp store floor. Heads resting on other’s knees, or slouched up against the wall, we’d spend an hour in preparation for the week ahead. Sure first aid kits needed packed, as well as our gallon size bags full of supplies for Bible studies and campfires, but those things could wait.

Camp life isn’t for everyone; I get that. But to me, it’s as natural as breathing. It is an environment that I feel most at home (even compared to the place I lay my head every night), and it is a place that my Martha can be parked in a corner, and I can pick up my Mary.

Working on staff at the church camp that I grew up attending is one of the greatest blessings of my life. Even though I participated in those gatherings each Sunday afternoon for many summers, it wasn’t until years had passed and I longed to go back, that I recognized the importance of the holy huddle.

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Bree is a recovering perfectionist, whose weaknesses include the clearance rack at Target and anything pumpkin flavored. Though she is an introvert, she has an insatiable craving for community and desire to bring light to God’s purpose in the imperfections of life. Read More