Day Ten // Make It Happen

TODAY’S READING – Ch. 10: Follow the Real Success Equation  (Pg. 103 – 119)

Math has never been my subject.  I freely admit that I barely scraped through Geometry, even with a tutor!  Numbers and I just don’t jive.  But if you told me that there was an equation that would ensure that I’d arrive at the right answer, you better believe I memorized it!

What if life was like math and we were provided an equation from a Teacher, to bring us through the difficult steps and to arrive successfully at the right answer?  Would you memorize it?

In high school I had a teacher who allowed you to bring in a note card for all of his exams.  Whatever you could fit on your note card, front and back, you would have at your disposal during the test.

A good many of my classmates spent the entire week leading up to the exam preparing this one piece of card stock with the smallest printing, while others would type out their information in four point font and tape it to the card.  And then there were some students who flat out refused to put forth the effort preparing their note card and ended up struggling their way through the exam.

I always found it interesting that the teacher provided us this opportunity, knowing full well that the students who didn’t really need to cram three chapters worth of information on a note card would take the time to do it, and the students who couldn’t afford any more low grades wouldn’t put forth the effort.

It was a formula for success given to all, but only accepted by a few.

Lara shares in chapter ten a similar formula.  This one is offered to all, but only accepted by a few.  This formula, though it does not provide every answer to the test of life, will guide us towards a life lived on PURPOSE.

My Life + God’s Way = Living On Purpose

It looks like an easy equation to remember.  It even looks easy enough to plug into our lives so we can successfully arrive at the right answer and ending.

But in actuality, it is the most difficult formula to apply because God’s way is not always easy.  It often requires those extra steps that take more effort and quite a few eraser marks.

And though it can be a pain-staking process, it can also be such a rewarding experience knowing that at every turn, you’re following what is desired of and for you, so that you may arrive safely at the conclusion of your human problem, receiving the ultimate reward for all of the work you accomplished on the way.

Follow the Real Success Equation // Make It Happen by Lara Casey - Seasonal book study hosted by

Let’s take a moment for some honesty, shall we?  If you’ve ever taken yourself way too seriously, will you raise you hand?  If I could look through this screen, I’m guessing your hand is hovering slightly above a horizontal placement, am I right?

Why do we believe that we must be in control in order to accomplish the most grueling tasks?  Why can’t we ever and stop for help or even to take the time to rest, rejuvenate and to step away for a fresh perspective?

“If God – the Creator of heaven and earth – rested from all His work (Genesis 2:2), who are we to think that we don’t need rest too?”

Did this quote take the wind out of your sails like it did mine?  Wow!  Lara doesn’t beat around the bush here.  She is frank and honest and why shouldn’t she be?  We need to hear the truth so that we can start walking in the Truth!

Our equations of endless work hours, staying up late to do that extra load of laundry, applying the mask of perfection each and every day is exhausting and we NEED rest!  And we quite truthfully need to take a rest from our own plans and try on a formula that is much bigger, yet more concise in how we should be utilizing our gifts.

Let’s work smarter instead of harder.  And let’s allow the God who created us and assigned us our unique purpose to work in our lives so that we may have time to focus on what matters and to help glorify what a generous and loving God He is!

What actions will you take to start living more intentionally following Christ’s formula for your life? Find ideas from the “Take Time For Time Off” section of this chapter.  Write it out and how you can implement it in your Study Journal or a notebook and date it.

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What would your life look like surrendered to Jesus?  While you think about your answer, listen to this song.

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