Day Six // The Best Yes

Chase Down That Decision / Chapter 6 – Pages 63 to 75

Today’s post comes to us from the host of The Intentional Filling, Bree Blum.

Last evening I had the pleasure to sit down with two of my sweet friends. We talked about topics as various as the lack of our interest in this year’s Super Bowl to where we hope to find ourselves in 10 years. It’s such a blessing to have found Christian community in the friendships of these two brilliant women. But my mind couldn’t help but wander to this community and what you would say about your “10 year plan”.

Lysa talks about the importance of our decisions today and how they will affect our tomorrows.

“Our decisions aren’t just isolated choices.  Our decisions point our lives in the directions we’re about to head.  Show me a decision and I’ll show you a direction.”

After spending a summer in the blazing sun, waking at 6:00 each morning in order to get first pick of the shower stall, and working incredibly hard with a dedicated staff to bring campers to chase after Christ and the freedom He offers, a group of us headed off to NYC for an adventure. The concrete jungle was such a contrast to the dirt paths we beat down that summer, but we were thrilled to experience it all. That was until we got lost driving to our hotel at the end of our first night there.

It was already late when we had caught the train to Long Island and even later when we had gotten back to our cars. Instead of sticking together with our caravan of cars, someone in my car suggested stopping to get a drink. Little did I know where that one decision would lead us.

Tired and eager to get back to our room, we set off to the hotel, except it wasn’t at the exit we had turned off.  Exhaustion and frustration quickly gave way to anger and we were soon shouting unhelpful suggestions at one another.  This only led to more poor decision-making, causing each failed attempt to become more escalated, until the point that I stopped the car in the middle of a parking lot, rested my head on the steering wheel and bit my lip to keep myself from asking one of the car’s occupants to get out and walk.

Quote from The Best Yes by Lysa TerKeurst via The Imperfect Vessel Book Study -

Of course not all decisions to be made follow a long day of driving and sight seeing.  Most do not include a group of equally tired and frustrated individuals desperately grasping for a solution.  But God does place crossroads before us that need to be taken seriously.  The selected path needs to be considered carefully, instead of rushing full steam ahead in the wrong direction.

Do you think through your decisions, following the path of where this choice might lead you before committing?  And what do you do when that decision takes you into uncharted waters; onto a path that you did not foresee or intend to ever travel down?

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