Day Seventeen // The Best Yes

The Very Best Yes / Ch. 17 – Pages 204 to 216

Today’s post comes to us from the host of The Intentional Filling, Bree Blum.

We all need a soft place to land, especially on the days that we’ve been battered about by life like a pinball; being knocked to and fro, never certain what course we’re headed to next.

My soft place revealed itself to be the couch of my parents and two sweet couples from church, and it made itself quite clear when my world suddenly careened to a sudden stop..

In the midst of the Fall 2014 study, everything that I had once known or believed about myself and my God were turned on its head.  And very much like Lysa’s middle daughter, it had to do with a boy.  For accuracy sake, I should say it had to do with a man, but in hindsight, he is very much a boy.

November 1st, the day after I had attended a soul-inspiring Kari Jobe concert with one of my sweet friends, I learned the sickening truth about the man that I had been involved with for a few months. Not only was he involved with other women, but he had a history of exploiting minors, as young as the age of six.

A simple Google search could have given me those answers, but I had allowed myself to forgo those measures because we had met in church.  After all, we were reading David Platt’s Radical together and quizzing each other on the scriptures we were attempting to memorize.  However, what he portrayed couldn’t have been more further from the truth.  And what he had done with my trust, honesty, and the sharing of my insecurities, left me feeling naked, dirty, and completely raw.

Humiliation and humility.  It’s interesting how these two words, meaning vastly different things, work hand in hand.  One almost always results in the other.  And it par for the course with the situation I found myself in last fall.

I was beyond humiliated that I had allowed myself to be duped by this narcissistic and conniving man.  I was humiliated by the manner in which I allowed myself to act before him.  I was humiliated that not only did he pull me further away from God by twisting scripture, but that I easily believed his lies.  And I was humiliated in the way that I treated God in the midst of it all.

And in the rubble of utter and complete brokenness, a place where I felt beyond repair, I found the humble nature of loved ones that clearly revealed wisdom and exorbitant amounts of grace that only God could provide.

” ‘Together’ is a really good word.  Together is what we need when we hit tough patches in life.”  – Lysa TerKeurst

It was only by the comfort of togetherness with these individuals, even when I did not feel at ease in the presence of my Maker, that allowed me to begin to move forward and heal.

The wisdom that they spoke into my heart could only be from God as none of these individuals had encountered the kind of betrayal that I had endured.  And through their wise words, I was finally, about a month out from the revelation of his true self, able to go humbly before the Lord and repent of my humiliating actions, and be able to receive a peace that only He could provide.

Healing is a process and one that I have not fully completed. There is still pain and the inability to fully press on, but there is a knowledge and understanding of the Lord that I did not have previously.  Sure, I would have preferred that He had chosen to simply whisper this grace into my ear, but I’m starting to recognize that the pain of this trial was worth the reward I have received, in the exemplification of Christ’s love through others and His ongoing grace and peace.

When the world fades to black as it seems to crumble around you in the difficult times, where will your safe place, or soft place to land be?

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