Day Four // The Best Yes

Day Four // The Best Yes Book Study via The Imperfect Vessel -

Sometimes I Make It All So Complicated / Chapter 4 – Pages 33 to 47

Today’s post comes to us from guest blogger, Liv Migenes.

It takes me a long time to make a decision.

Like a really long time.

I moved into my apartment 10 years ago and the best way I can describe it is… minimalistic. Not because I like the clean IKEA aesthetic but because I could never come up with a style that best suited me.  So instead of choosing one style, I choose none. Now that I’m moving into a house this summer, I’m faced with the same issue only on a much bigger scale (talk about overwhelmed with options!).

Everyday we make decisions. Some seem small and inconsequential, while others are epic and once-in-a-lifetime.

What should I have for lunch today?
What kind of man should I marry and promise myself to until death do us part?

If there is one thing I wished had been emphasized at the beginning of my Christian walk, it’s discernment. Lysa describes it this way:

“Discerning what is best is something we’re cable of doing as we layer knowledge and depth of insight into our lives… Knowledge is wisdom that comes from acquiring truth.  Insight is wisdom that comes from living out the truth we acquire. Discernment is wisdom that comes from the Holy Spirit’s reminders of that knowledge and insight.” (Pg. 35-36)

Discernment plays such a vital part in what we’ll say “Yes” or “No” to.  It sees past our circumstances, past the possible outcomes of our decisions to the one decision that is best for us. Yet, the truth is our decisions aren’t always based on knowledge, insight, or discernment. They’re usually based off of what we don’t know, can’t see, and desperately try to grasp thinking that God is not moving fast enough for our liking.

Unchecked feelings

How many decisions have I made based on these? Too many I’m afraid.

The good news is that God does not want us to make any more decisions based on what we don’t know but by seeking Him.  He is calling us to be women of wisdom!

Quote from The Best Yes by Lysa TerKeurst via The Imperfect Vessel Book Study -

“When a woman uses that powerfully effective combination of knowledge, insight, and discernment, she becomes a wise decision maker. Wisdom is hers. And that’s what I want for us. I want us to become powerfully effective decision makers. Because then we will live powerfully effective lives. And spend our souls doing powerfully effective work to the glory of God.”  – Lysa TerKeurst

Instead of making our decisions complicated by all our second-guessing, we can rest assured knowing that we’ve said our best “Yes” using knowledge, insight, and discernment (instead of cowering behind door frames waiting for jumping refrigerator ninjas).

Liv Migenes is a single daughter serving a gracious God. She loves reading, writing, and hopes to be a published author in the near future.  Did you enjoy her post?  Be sure to leave a comment below and connect with Liv on TwitterInstagram, her own blog, and see what she’s pinning on Pinterest.

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