Day Eighteen // The Best Yes

When My Best Yes Doesn’t Yield What I Expect / Ch. 18 – Pages 217 to 225

Today’s post comes to us from the host of The Intentional Filling, Bree Blum.

I dropped the ball.  Not trying for a dramatic effect with some figure of speech.  I dropped the ball!  And now the game was over.  The other team piled onto the field as their teammate rounded third base and headed for home.  And my team turned and glared, red hot daggers in my direction.

I stared at my feet.

I’ve dropped many other balls since that dramatic scene on the field when I was nine or ten.  And I’ve witnessed the heat of those red-hot daggers again, but instead of my teammates glares, the uncomfortable temperatures rose from the lies that smoldered in my mind.  The insecurities, suddenly unearthed whispered one hot lie after another, slowly convincing me that I was worthless.

Today as I drove to pottery class with my mom, we passed a sign in one of the local churches yards.  “How long is your fuse?”  We both joked that it depends on who lights it, but I find myself coming back to that question.

How long is your fuse…

… when the unexpected happens.

… when life doesn’t lead you in the direction you had hoped or planned to go.

… when you get cut off in traffic, or spill your morning coffee, or step in the puddle of a melted ice cube in sock feet.

How long is your fuse???

Quote from The Best Yes by Lysa TerKeurst via The Imperfect Vessel Book Study -

“Let this unexpected happening point to your strength, not your weakness.”
– Lysa TerKeurst

What a power-packed chapter this was.  I sat slack-jawed at Lysa’s description of Mary, the mother of Jesus, and how she feels she may have handled the unexpected, unfortunate, ill-timed, and heart-breaking moments of her life.

What length her fuse must have been to never turn her back on God despite the things she had to endure and the evil that was thrust upon her child.

And just as jaw dropping, is the thought that even when the unexpected happens, and our lives are thrown off course (or sometimes feel as though they’ve been thrown off a cliff) that it is in these raw, unadulterated moments that we learn to put one foot in front of the other, one right decision in front of another, and move forward towards the daylight; towards tomorrow and the hope that it brings.

REMINDER: You are strong.  Your are persevering, tough, able to bend without breaking, willing to be humbled to the point of humiliation, not blinded, a hunter for wisdom, a praying-through-it woman, a courageous gal, one who wants to learn the deep dependence of following hard after God Himself.

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