Moments That Matter


In my Notes app on my iPhone, I have 184 “notes” that I’ve made for myself.  Things to remember.  The credentials to my family’s Kindle account.  Quotes that inspire me.  What I need to pick up at the store on the way home from work.  You name it and it is probably in there. My favorite notes, however, are the lists of moments that I don’t wantRead Now

Mountains Move


I’ve missed you.  I have been wanting to talk with you.  I’ve wanted to update you.  I just didn’t have the words yet to tell you how things have changed over the last month. My friend, have you ever faced the fires of hell and stood so close that you could feel the heat of the flames upon your face?  I’ve not only faced them,Read Now

What a Spectacle!


It’s about time for a change.  I’ve had my glasses since 2008 and though I don’t wear them in public very often, but they come in mighty handy when you have an eye infection that calls for a prescription that cost over $100, with insurance! However it was time to say goodbye to the trusty frames that allowed me to see the sites in EnglandRead Now

Simply Signing


Shameless plug alert!! As you know (or maybe you don’t, but you should) I recently completed my A.A.S. in Sign Language Interpreting and am working towards certification.  I have been studying many different topics in preparation for the test, and I’m beginning to get a better understanding of what is required for the certification exam.  I am also longing for someone else to sign with.Read Now

BLUMmin’ at the Beach

My family hasn’t been on a family vacation, just the five of us, since before I went to college and that was over a decade ago, so we were definitely due for one. Day One We left shortly after Andy and I came home from church on Sunday and started our first part of the trek to the beach.  We drove the few hours to Hagerstown,Read Now

Still Breething…

This blog was originally started to journal my way to a better Bree…and in ways it will still be heading that direction, but it’s now open to the public. Here you’ll read about things that ensure that I’m still “breething” – like my faith, my family, my health and my passions for ASL (American Sign Language and design. I will also include shameless plugs forRead Now

Tue, Jan 1, 2013

Happy New Year! It’s official, I’ve lived through another year. One that was full of all kinds of ups and downs and looking back on it, I wouldn’t have changed a thing! I had the opportunity to meet Keith Wann and his amazing wife, Emelia and be interviewed for the Pittsburgh Tribune Review article on Steel City Interpreter’s ASL Fight Club. I had the opportunityRead Now