Waiting on God


His sandals probably squeaked from the water pouring off His feet, as He made His way past the crowd that had gathered at the banks of the river.  I imagine He smiled at the faces that looked back at Him in wonder at what they had just witnessed (Matthew, Mark, and Luke).  Did He know what was waiting for Him beyond the crowd? The heavens had just opened,Read Now

Car Seat Confessional

Car Seat Confessional - www.imperfectvessel.com

The car was idling out front as I left the warmth of our friends’ home after our small group’s first gathering of the year.  The residual joy lingered in my bones of being in the presence of these people once again after so many months.  I waved to her as she fiddled with something on the dash.  She rolled the passenger-side window down. “You okay?Read Now

In All Your Ways


For the past few years I decided against the whole New Years Resolution thing.  It never sticks and it usually has me feeling bad about myself before my birthday even rolls around, ten days into the year!  Instead I’ve determined to find a focus for the entire year, so I have the opportunity to get back up on the horse should I fall off threeRead Now