Shifting Seasons

We live in a day and age where comments and “likes” are welcomed and often encouraged.  We live for the compliments of others and seek other’s advice publicly through public forums of Facebook, Twitter and the like.

But with our lives being lived so out in the open, it also exposes our fragile beings to stinging words of criticism or downright odd and ill-timed comments.  So how do we know when to speak when we’re all experiencing shifting seasons?

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Clearing the Clutter

There’s nothing quite like having all of your earthly possessions placed on your front lawn to humble your heart.

When my home was doused in inches of water after a pipe burst during work hours last fall, my tears mixed with the water leaking through the dining room ceiling, as I declared that everything would be okay, “it is all just ‘stuff'”.

But when my friends showed up, in more ways than one, to help me empty my house of my soggy possessions, in order for repairs to take place, my face burned with chagrin over just how much “stuff” I own. Continue reading “Clearing the Clutter”

Mended by the Cross -

Mended by the Cross

Monday was my last pottery class and as I carried my final pieces back to be fired, my platter split in the middle.  My instructor helped me make a “cast” to seal the break, but by doing so, helped me to fix my eyes on greater things.

He sat the piece before me and turned it saying,

“Bree, it’s going to be okay. Look at it, it’s in the shape of a cross. We’ll use this to bind up the cracks and see if it can be resurrected.”

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Car Seat Confessional -

Car Seat Confessional

The car was idling out front as I left the warmth of our friends’ home after our small group’s first gathering of the year.  The residual joy lingered in my bones of being in the presence of these people once again after so many months.  I waved to her as she fiddled with something on the dash.  She rolled the passenger-side window down.

“You okay?  I’ve been praying for you”, I told her because I know that she’s been waging war with her own mind lately.

“Just trying to get warm before I get moving.  Wanna get in?”

I climbed in out of the cold and settled against the chilly leather seat.  And so opened the scene for another car seat confessional. Continue reading “Car Seat Confessional”

Online Book Study - Time Management Tips for the Gal on the Go -

Time Management Tips

You sit before a to do list a mile long.  It calls out task after task that you try to wrap your head around, but you’ve just received your fifth text in two minutes, the baby is crying again, and the laundry pile is reaching an unsafe height…

How can you possibly tackle an online book study when a crazy number of responsibilities are demanding your attention? 

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Two Kinds of Christmas

When I was growing up, each December my family would pile in the minivan and head off to the shopping mall.  My brother and I would sit in the backseat reciting our Christmas wish lists, in hopes that we’d get to cross items off of them early.

Upon our arrival, my parents, only by the grace of God, managed to maneuver us quickly through stores and aisle ways, past giant displays of toys, without hesitation to a table in the middle of the hustle and bustle.

This table sat perched beneath a Christmas tree covered with paper angels.  And it was there that my siblings and I learned the names of the children whose wish lists we’d be shopping for, instead of our own. Continue reading “Two Kinds of Christmas”

Deliver Christ Into the World

A dear friend of mine is in the homestretch; eagerly awaiting the arrival of her second child.  Months of preparations have taken place, and now all there is to do is wait with excited expectation for this new little person to arrive.

And it makes me think about the season we’re celebrating right now, Advent, another time of excited expectation; a time that includes careful preparation and celebration at the arrival of the One who is to come! Continue reading “Deliver Christ Into the World”

All Things New

“Once upon a time” has been in our vocabularies since before many of us could even walk.  We’ve been fascinated with stories; often projecting ourselves into the narratives and living out the adventures alongside our favorite characters.

From cover to cover of the Golden Book series or the hand-me-down copies of the classics like Peter Pan and The Wizard of Oz, or The Chronicles of Narnia; these collections of words have transformed our childhoods (or adulthoods – no judgment here) and helped us to learn valuable lessons about ourselves and how to treat others.

Today, as a woman in her thirties, I am still enthralled by a good story.  These stories tend to have a bit more substance and the characters are better developed, but the type of lessons are relatively the same. Continue reading “All Things New”