This is 35

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This is 35. I was greeted at work with the sweetest sentiments of birthday wishes yesterday, complete with gourmet cupcakes (Earl Grey with Blood Orange, Caramel Latte, and German Chocolate – nom, nom!) and a card covered in the signatures of my incredible co-workers and grad students. Then my boss asked me how I felt about my birthday. “Are you happy?  Stressed?” I paused forRead Now

Preparations for Emmanuel

Preparations for Emmanuel -

Have you ever made preparations to go on a trip?  Did you make a to-do list of all of the tasks that needed to be completed before your departure?  Did you make a packing list, print off your boarding pass or the hotel confirmation of your reservation so that your arrival would go as smoothly as possible?  Last year, I went to Houston, TX for a BridgesRead Now

Dead, But Still Deadly

When I was growing up my dad would tell my brother and me the most elaborate bedtime stories.  The elaboration mainly stemmed from our unwillingness to go to sleep, but nonetheless they were fascinating. To this day my brother and I talk about our dad’s rendition of the story of David and Goliath.  He would tell us about the stream where David chose the fiveRead Now

Still Waiting?

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I moved back into my townhouse after waiting for seven months, while repairs were being completed after a waterline broke and flooded my upstairs and downstairs.  It has been a long and crazy ride, but I am thankful for the refining that God has been doing in my heart, in providing peace and patience in circumstances that is didn’t belong. But there’s still a lot ofRead Now

The Importance of the Holy Huddle

Sundays after church, we’d all hop in the fifteen passenger van to go stuff our faces with the finest grub at the Chinese buffet in town before heading back to camp for our holy huddle. At least that’s what I called it. Sun sick and tired from the week before, we’d find our spot on the camp store floor. Heads resting on other’s knees, or slouched upRead Now

It’s Time to Get Our Hands Dirty

Have you ever tended to a plant?  First you have to get your hands dirty, make room for this tiny, itty-bitty seed.  And then you water it.  Not too much, but just enough. It’s a process.  But it’s beautiful; watching things grow. Recently I have felt so burdened by so many heartbreaking things happening in our world (Orlando’s tragedies // Flooding in WV // DecidingRead Now

When Darkness Falls

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Every fourth of July, when I was little, my family would pack up a bag with snacks, grabbed our yellow comforter we used for picnics, and headed to join my grandparents along the riverbank to watch the fireworks.  I adored unpacking our bag, setting up camp to wait for the darkness to fall so that the fireworks, and lightening bugs, could light up the sky. LittleRead Now

Waiting on God


His sandals probably squeaked from the water pouring off His feet, as He made His way past the crowd that had gathered at the banks of the river.  I imagine He smiled at the faces that looked back at Him in wonder at what they had just witnessed (Matthew, Mark, and Luke).  Did He know what was waiting for Him beyond the crowd? The heavens had just opened,Read Now