The Importance of the Holy Huddle

Sundays after church, we’d all hop in the fifteen passenger van to go stuff our faces with the finest grub at the Chinese buffet in town before heading back to camp for our holy huddle. At least that’s what I called it. Sun sick and tired from the week before, we’d find our spot on the camp store floor. Heads resting on other’s knees, or slouched upRead Now

It’s Time to Get Our Hands Dirty

Have you ever tended to a plant?  First you have to get your hands dirty, make room for this tiny, itty-bitty seed.  And then you water it.  Not too much, but just enough. It’s a process.  But it’s beautiful; watching things grow. Recently I have felt so burdened by so many heartbreaking things happening in our world (Orlando’s tragedies // Flooding in WV // DecidingRead Now

Week Six | This is My Song

Week 6: This is My Song - Looking for Lovely Online Book Study hosted by

Week Six Reading Assignments– Pages 171-190 | Perspective Shifts • Unfinished • Epilogue: This is My Song My first encounter with God didn’t take place at church, but rather on a hiking trail in the hills of West Virginia when I was twelve; at one of the places my heart feels most at home, church camp.  The unofficial tag line of the camp says it is a place where lovingRead Now

Week Five | Finding Lovely

Week 5: Finding Lovely - Looking for Lovely Online Book Study hosted by

Week Five Reading Assignments– Pages 144-170 | A Picture in Tel Aviv • Gardens • When You Find Lovely Have you ever had an experience so profound that even while you were going through it, you knew it was going to change your life forever? Just like Annie did on her trip to Israel, I recently had a similarly life altering experience during a mission trip to Haiti. Maybe you’ve neverRead Now

Week Four | Everyday Lovely

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Week 4: Everyday Lovely - Looking for Lovely Online Book Study hosted by

Week Four Reading Assignments– Pages 110-143 | Sushi • • Monet’s House • My People “Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.” —2 Corinthians 3:17, NLT Freedom.  I looked it up in Strong’s Concordance.  The Greek word for freedom is eleutheria.  Do you know what it means?  Liberty/freedom.  That’s it.  I was expecting something truly enlightening, but then IRead Now

Week Three | The Little Things

Week 3: The Little Things - Looking for Lovely Online Book Study hosted by

Week Three Reading Assignments– Pages 77-109 | Farmers Market • Athletes • The Sound of Music • Nail Polish What do watermelon seeds, football players, music, and nail polish have in common? Grace.  It’s all grace. I’m just going to lay it out here, friends, it’s a topic we don’t like to talk about.  It’s considered taboo in our culture with all of the bombardment of magazine articles and TV advertisements forRead Now

Week Two | Looking for Lovely

Week 2: Looking for Lovely - Looking for Lovely Online Book Study hosted by

Week Two Reading Assignments– Pages 40-76 | Looking for Lovely • Sunrise • Ryman Auditorium • Tragedy Anyone else here so not a morning person? If you’re like me in this—perhaps you also prefer sunsets over sunrises. Like Annie Downs’ love of sunrises—sunsets speak to me and inspire me. Last spring I had a lot on my mind after a big doctor’s appointment and so I went to a nearby lake around dusk. IRead Now

Week One | Quitter

Quitter - Looking for Lovely Online Book Study hosted by

Week One Reading Assignments– Pages 13-39 | Quitter • Ugly • Cocaine Still waiting for your book?  Click here to download the Intro and Ch. 1! I recently heard that when you feel a prompting to do something, that you have only 10 seconds to make the decision to accept the challenge before you naturally begin to talk yourself out of it.  Only ten seconds!  One Mississippi,Read Now

Making a Personal Connection with Scripture


A Modern Girl’s Guide to Bible Study –   Ch. 8: Discovering Your Amazing Personal Connection with Scripture (Pg. 131-152) Ladies, thank you for joining us as we wrap up Jen’s book, “A Modern Girl’s Guide to Bible Study”. I’ve really enjoyed reading this book. Its pages have contained some of the most honest, yet difficult questions that we need to think about during our personal study,Read Now

How Understanding History Makes All the Difference


A Modern Girl’s Guide to Bible Study –   Ch. 7: How Understanding Relevant History Makes All the Difference (Pg. 113-129) I remember as a little girl, I had an awful habit of entering adult conversations.  My mom would be having lively discourse with her girlfriends and me – being the precocious child I was – always had to give my two cents because I had toRead Now