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Storytelling can be powerful  •  Telling your story is important

There once was a girl that wrote stories in a handmade book with a red card stock cover.  
She grew up with more stories swimming in her head, but it took until her late twenties for her to begin sharing her own story.

My life, like so many others, has seen its share of ups and downs; peaks and valleys.  However, unlike many others, my life early on provided lessons that were very profound.  And those lessons have had more of and impact than I had originally imagined; helping to shape me in a way that could only be designed by something greater.

Growing up, I never recognized my older sister’s inability to walk to be anything out of the ordinary.  After all, there were plenty of things that I could not do, like whistle (something that to this day, I still cannot do).  So when the world started calling out her Cerebral Palsy as “different”, I began to wonder if I was too, and some switch inside of me turned on and an attitude of perfection oozed out.

I lived life doing my best to hide any flaws that would set me apart from the rest of my peers.  Plan Bree“, the plan I had established for myself worked for many years, until anxiety caught up with me.  I had grown tired of putting on a show and trying to appear “put together” all of the time, especially when it came to leading and encouraging women through my blog.

It was time to make some changes and so I accepted a completely different plan, one that I thought I had been living all along.  One that I had actually not understood at all; ‘Plan G-O-D’.

For the first time in my life, I felt free to share my faith openly and I began finding purpose in encouraging others through sharing my messy life experiences. Those stories, paired with the beautiful words of scripture, helped me to mold The Imperfect Vessel and my life, piece by piece, bit by bit, into a resemblance of humble transparency.

As you continue to read and get to know me, you’ll begin to see the bumps and bruises, scrapes and scratches slowly surface; the “beauty marks” that life has provided along the way.  You’ll also find that sarcasm and quirky humor is one of the ways that I deal with the many lemons that life dishes out.

I am grateful that God has allowed me this opportunity to connect with YOU, so that together we may grow through those weak places, into strong and steadfast women of faith.

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